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Utility Trailer FAQ

A utility trailer is an unpowered vehicle pulled by a powered vehicle such as a car or truck. Whether you plan to move, haul your ATVs, or move lawn care and other power equipment, a utility vehicle can transport more than most vehicles can carry. These utility trailers come in a variety of styles, sizes, and weights. They can also be customized to meet the exact specifications of your transportation requirements. 

In this guide, we’ll discuss some of the frequently asked questions about utility trailers

Q1. What are the different utility trailers?

Open utility trailers

An open utility trailer can haul any large and oddly shaped cargo. It comes without walls and a roof. Take a look at some of its benefits: 

  • Lighter weight: Since less material is required to build an open utility trailer, it weighs less than its same-sized enclosed trailer. These types of trailers are easy to maneuver and give versatile towing options. These trailers are suitable for short-distance travel.
  • Better visibility: While hauling your equipment or supplies, you can easily keep an eye on the cargo. 
  • Consumes less fuel: Open utility trailers easily maneuver in tight spaces, which saves fuel costs in the city. 
  • Gives flexibility: Due to their lightweight design, open trailers are easier to park and provide flexibility in towing items such as tables, desks, lawnmowers, furniture, bookshelves, and other home improvement supplies. 

Enclosed utility trailers

Enclosed utility trailers, also called cargo trailers, are made using a thick wall, roof, and floor, to encapsulate your cargo. Take a look at some of its benefits:

  • Protection from elements: The most significant benefit of an enclosed utility trailer is the protection it provides from inclement weather. You can’t transport your expensive items on a long-distance route without proper protection from rain and snow. After you arrive at your place, you also don’t have to worry about quickly unloading the cargo.
  • Security: In an enclosed trailer, you need not worry about the safety of your cargo. Locking doors and ramps protect the cargo from theft. You shouldn’t take a chance on security when moving expensive freight like a sports car or recreational equipment such as ATVs. Since outsiders are not able to see what’s inside the trailer, you don't have to worry about leaving your trailer alone for an extended period.
  • Interior customization: An enclosed gives you the option to customize your trailer to turn it into a workshop, vending area, or mini-office.

Q2 How heavy are enclosed trailers, and what is their capacity?

Enclosed trailer’s capacity is limited by its axle rating. If a trailer exceeds the maximum axle rating, it can easily break while you are driving. There are two types of trailers you can select from: single axle and tandem axle. 

Single axle:  For the smallest size (5x8), the empty weight could be around 700 pounds. For a 7x16 trailer, it could measure 1,725 pounds. When loaded, it is rated for a maximum of 3,500 gross vehicle weight rating, or GVWR. 

Tandem axle: These trailers can easily carry larger and heavier items. For the smallest size (6x12), the average weight of a tandem axle trailer is 1,775 pounds. The average payload capacity of these trailers could be between 5,225 pounds to 4,175 pounds. They are rated up to 7,000 GVWR.

Q3 Steel or aluminum?

In aluminum, the material generally used is an alloy, which makes it as sturdy as steel. Since aluminum is a lightweight material, the trailers are easier to move around. The lighter weight also consumes less gas as compared to their enclosed counterparts. While the steel trailers need to be galvanized and/or painted, the aluminum resists corrosion. For aluminum trailers, you only need to give an acid bath for a glossy finish. If you are looking for added safety, steel is a good option since it is more rigid than aluminum. Although aluminum trailers cost a bit more than steel trailers, they cost less in maintenance and have better resale value.

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