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Types of Trailers You Should Know About

Trailers are usually used to transport freight, with over 80% of inland transportation handled by trucks. It makes transporting bulky goods easy and also creates thousands of jobs. Depending on their design, function, size, the nature of load they carry, and the distance they travel, trailers can be classified into various types. Here, we discuss the five most popular. 

Equipment trailers 

They can handle heavy payload as the design allows them to safely hold machines such as construction equipment and tractors. Equipment trailers were initially built as per the transportation department’s specifications. They differ based on the number of axles, styles, and tail. A trailer can have a single or tandem axle, which impacts the load it can carry. The trailer can have a deckover style or a fender style. The former sits on the wheels’ top and the letter between the wheels.

Car trailers

They play an essential role in transporting cars efficiently and safely. Car trailers vary depending on the size and the weight of the vehicle getting transported. They roughly measure between 13 feet and 17 feet. They come as both open and enclosed trailers in Arkansas. Though open trailers don’t offer the same protection as enclosed trailers, they come at almost half the price.  

Flatbed trailers 

They are widely famous for their versatility as they allow freight loading from various angles top, sides, and rear. They are used to transport everything from steel coils to lumber. This trailer does not have a box to cover the freight during shipping, making it easy to load and offload. A flatbed trailer can carry up to 48,000 pounds. Its length varies from 24 feet to 53 feet. Meanwhile, the maximum allowed width and height is 8.5 feet. As there is no box to keep things safe, the cargo is secured through straps, chains, and other binding material. 

Enclosed trailers 

Enclosed trailers are flatbed trailers but with a box, providing the cargo security from harsh weather and other threats. They can be used to transport everything from band equipment to tools and machinery. You can create shelves and storage cabinets within an enclosed trailer to use the space efficiently. Their length varies from 48 feet to 53 feet. The legal weight limit of the load that they can carry ranges between 42,000 pounds and 45,000 pounds. You can load these trailers from both the side and the front. 

Custom trailers

At Silver Moon Trailer, we offer a broad range of trailers online and at our store in Arkansas. We can also build a custom trailer for you if any available trailers don’t suit your needs. 

When making a custom trailer, our primary focus is to accommodate all your requirements. We will discuss the design you have in mind, the kind of freight you plan to transport, the dimensions, and the trailer type. You can buy a trailer or design one on our website. For more details, you can call us at 870.330.9133. We’ll be happy to be of any assistance to you.