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All You Need to Know About Truck Decks - The Ultimate Guide

Truck decks can be a useful alternative to ATV trailers if you’re worried about trailer sway. However, they also come with their own problems. What kind of deck do you need to buy? Would you be better off buying a trailer?

These are just a few of the questions we regularly get from people trying to buy a truck deck. Below, we’ll give you some answers. Our hope is to give you the information you need to know before deciding whether or not a truck deck is right for you.

Arkansas Truck Bed

When Should I Get a Truck Deck?

Truck decks are designed to allow you to transport a vehicle without actually buying a trailer. Snowmobiles, ATVs, and other smaller vehicles are most commonly transported on truck decks. 

Trailers come with significant advantages, the biggest of which is that they don’t put as much of a weight strain on your vehicle. This is important both for safety and for the longevity of your vehicle. As well, you’re only pulling the trailer when you want to pull it. If you just want to run errands, you don’t need to pull the trailer behind you. 

Trailer decks aren’t easily taken off or put back on, which means you’ll need to keep it on your truck wherever you go. Their height can also pose a difficulty: if your vehicle falls off a truck deck, there’s a farther distance to the ground.

Despite the disadvantages, there are also several advantages. It’s useful to get a truck deck if you’re going to be driving in difficult terrain. Because decks don’t require more wheels, you’ll be able to save the hassle of flat tires. You also don’t have to pay a license fee for a deck, whereas you do have to pay one for a trailer.

Of course, if you need to carry multiple vehicles, you may simply choose to install a truck deck and trailer. As long as your truck is able to carry the weight, this significantly increases the number of vehicles you can carry.

Do You Need a Fixed or Expandable Truck Deck?

The type of truck deck you need will vary based on what you plan to carry. Different trucks and truck decks have different specifications, so first you need to know the length and width of the vehicle(s) you plan on carrying.

Once you have that information, you’ll then need to see if there are any fixed truck decks that can carry your vehicle(s), or if you need an expansion.

How Much Do Truck Decks Weigh?

Though this will vary based on size and manufacturer, truck decks typically weigh several hundred pounds. The standard often varies from 400-600 pounds.

Looking for a Truck Bed or Trailer in Arkansas?

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