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Trailer Repair in Arkansas

Are you looking for trailer repair in Arkansas? At Silver Moon Trailers, we know how to help you out. We work with all the biggest trailer and truck bed brands: Big Tex Trailers, Pace Trailers, Wells Cargo Trailers, Sure-Trac Trailers, and Homesteader Trailers. Whatever trailer you’re having trouble with – and whatever problem you’re having with it – you can rest assured that we know what can be done to fix it.


We Repair All Kinds

At Silver Moon Trailers, we work with a variety of different trailers. Whether you’re having trouble with your cargo enclosed trailer, utility trailer, dump trailer, or car hauler, we’ll be able to inspect it and find the source of the problem. Once we understand the issue, we’ll embody our mission, which is simple enough: to always take care of our customers, ensuring their trailer problems are taken care of and they’re happy with our services.

We focus on the highest quality trailer repair in Arkansas and the industry's best customer service. Below we’ll describe a few of the repairs we offer.

Trailer Alignment

Your trailer’s alignment ensures that the load is properly spread out across the entirety of the trailer. Without this alignment, your tires will wear out much more quickly, and your trailer may be a danger on the road.

To fix this problem, we’ll do an alignment check and see if the problem was caused by a bent axle, spindle, frame, or something else entirely.

Trailer Suspension

If your trailer is unnecessarily shaky, there’s a good chance you’re having problems with your suspension. We’ll inspect your trailer to determine the problem. Then we’ll make any of the necessary repairs.

Need to Get Your Trailer Replaced?

Silver Moon Trailers is the best purveyor of trailers in the Mid-South. Whether you’re in Arkansas, Missouri, or Tennessee, you’re not going to find a broader variety of the best trailers, at the best prices. We’ll do our best to repair your current trailer. If it can’t be fixed, we have the perfect replacement for you.

Trailer Replacement Parts and Accessories

Because we work with all the best brands, we also have access to a variety of replacement parts. Even if nothing is broken on your trailer, you may want to get some additional accessories for it. We’ll work with you to make sure your trailer works exactly the way you want it to.

Below we’ll discuss a few of the replacement parts we offer.


Suspension problems are often fixed by repairing axles. If needed, we can replace your axles or bearings. Depending on your trailer, we may also be able to turn your single-axle trailer into a tandem axle trailer.


Of course, brakes are vital safety features. If you’re having any problems with your brakes, we will make sure to repair or replace them.


Just like you’d expect from a car, trailer wheels don’t usually last as long as the trailer itself does. While the lifespan can vary widely, you can usually expect to replace your tires every 3-8 years.

The Best Trailer Repair in Arkansas

Do you need a professional trailer repair in Arkansas? Silver Moon Trailers is the one-stop-solution for all your trailer repair needs.

If you’re having a problem with your trailers in Arkansas, you need an expert. Let us know about your problem by calling (870) 330-9133, texting us at (870) 935-1645, or taking a look at our inventory.