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Stepside vs. Fleetside Truck Beds

The highly utilitarian pick-up trucks have seen multiple transformations through their evolution. One such modification in the pick-up trucks was adding a flatbed for hauling items. Today, using the truck beds, you can even move mattresses or multiple heavy objects at one go without having to twist or fold them. 

Truck beds are primarily sold by the three giant automobile manufacturers in the US- GMC, Ford, and Chrysler. Even with the shared similarities, quite a few differences distinguish the applications for truck beds. Understanding the variations between a step-side truck bed and a fleet-side truck bed would be helpful to match your requirements and order replacements before you make a guessed purchase.

Let us see the significant differences between step-side and fleet-side truck beds-

What is a Stepside Truck Bed?

This truck bed variant offers convenience to load and unload the trunk, thanks to the extended flares and added steps on the side. Chevy came first with this variation in the market and named it “Stepside” Truck Bed. Other manufacturers like Dodge and GMC also use this term to describe their bed trucks. Ford calls their design a “Flareside” Truck Bed.

Body Design: The flareside or stepside truck bed has a visible step and extended flares on the sides. The wheel well arches are present on the outside of the bed, making it a perfect rectangle. But, the added flares and steps minimize the carrier space. 

The Ford model of the “Flareside'' truck bed also has added steps at the rear-end. Many truck owners dislike the truck’s overall design that comes with the utility, even though the design gives better access to the bed. The judgment call depends on the application of the truck bed.

What is a Fleetside Truck Bed?

The fleet-side truck beds are the “standard” bed-style pick-up trucks. Various names have been given to this truck bed owing to rivalries and marketing tactics between the manufacturers. Chevy came into the market with this truck bed and still holds on to the name “Fleetside.” At the same time, other automobile brands have their own terms like “Townside” used by Jeep, “Wideside” by GMC, “Sweptline” by Dodge, and “Styleside” used by Ford.

Body Design: It has the simplest design, with most enthusiasts saying it has no designer aspect at all. However, the lack of design comes from the increased utility, which serious truck owners like. The uncomplicated design is also convenient and cheaper for the manufacturers. 

The fleet-side truck bed has a wide bed carrier. The wheel well arches are present under the bed, providing a more expansive space for the carriage. The sides are slabbed; they come in two varieties of the short box and the long box. The long box variety offers more carrier space than the short box variant, but the latter is more common among textile manufacturers.

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