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Replacing Your Trailer Tires

Everything wears down over time, and trailer tires are no exception. The chances are high that you’re already familiar with changing the wheels on a car or truck, but we sometimes get people asking about the differences between doing that and changing the tires on your trailer. While there are similarities, there are a few differences to keep in mind as well.

In this article, we’ll explain everything you need to know about replacing your trailer tires: this includes when it’s time to replace those tires, how you can find the right tires to replace your current ones, and how you should install the new tires once you have them.

Trailer tires

When Should I Replace Trailer Tires?

In most situations, you should replace your trailer tires every four to six years, regardless of how often you’re using it.

This is the maximum amount of time you should wait before changing your trailer tires, but you may need to change them more frequently depending on how they’re stored. For instance, tires age more quickly in the sun, which means that owners in tropical weather will need to replace their tires more frequently.

Of course, there are also situations where you’ll have to change them more frequently because you drove over a sharp object like a nail on the road.

What Kinds of Tires Should You Get?

If you’re happy with the tires you already have, but you need to get them replaced, simply write down the information on the tire designation. This will allow you to find them again. If you’re unhappy with your current tires, you’ll only need to use the ST designation.

This may seem simple, but it is important to note: you should not put tires designed for a passenger car onto your trailer.

How Do You Change a Trailer Tire?

Once you have your new tires, you’ll need to put them on your trailer. To remove your old tires, you’ll need to loosen the lugs and jack up the trailer. Keep in mind that flat tires will need to be jacked higher than full ones.

Once you’ve removed the old tire, it’s worth performing a visual inspection of the wheel hub to make sure it isn’t damaged in any way. Assuming it isn’t, you can place the new tire on the lug bolts and screw them in place. You can use the same lug bolts that were used on the previous tires.

At this point you should be using your hands, since you don’t need them fully secured yet. Before using a wrench, you’ll want to lower the tire. When using your wrench, you want to make sure the lugs are fully secured.

Looking for Trailer Parts?

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