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Open Utility Trailer vs. Enclosed Cargo Trailer

Once you decide you need to buy a trailer, consider the type you should get. Most users choose between an enclosed cargo trailer or an open utility trailer in Arkansas. They both come in a range of lengths, styles, widths and are great for hauling freight, household items, appliances, and equipment. 

So, what are the major factors that differentiate the two? Here, we compare them on six factors to help you figure out which one is better for you.  


You can equip enclosed cargo trailers with racks, shelves, AC, counters, etc., to administer the payload skillfully. They can also double up as your workshop or mini-office. However, such customization isn’t possible with open trailers. But they are lighter than enclosed trailers, making it easy to maneuver a tow vehicle.


You can use enclosed trailers as storage units as they offer the needed security. But in the absence of an uncovered top, moving loose lawn debris or outdoor equipment can become extremely difficult. Meanwhile, open utility trailers are meant for hauling such types of loads.


Open utility trailers are ideal for companies or people with a budget. They cost less than an enclosed trailer with a similar capacity. But enclosed trailers turn out to be more affordable in the long run. 

Sometimes, you need to haul items that require added safety. You will have to rent a truck to meet the need. However, do it frequently, and you will have inflated bills. Meanwhile, an enclosed truck is a one-time investment that ensures you never have to face such issues. 


Open trailers allow you greater visibility, helping you see other vehicles better. They’re also helpful while backing up. Meanwhile, with enclosed trailers, you’ve to rely more on rear-view mirrors and your driving experience.


You can load and handle cargo in an enclosed trailer through the gate ramp only. However, in open utility trailers, you can load from different sides, making the process smoother and faster. Besides, in open trailers, you can fit equipment of all kinds and sizes, such as extra-long ladders, pipelines, and tall containers.


Enclosed trailers provide a better shipment guarantee than open trailers, susceptible to rust and damage caused by the weather and other external elements. So if you want to transport weather-sensitive and fragile merchandise, go for an enclosed trailer. 

You must also choose enclosed trailers in Arkansas if you have to leave your cargo unattended for long periods in a neighborhood where crime is commonplace. Along with the weather, open trailers also expose your cargo to theft.

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