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How Big Should Your Trailer Be?

There are many different factors that will go into your trailer buying decision. One of the most important is size.

Below, we’ll get into all the considerations you should make when determining your trailer’s size. Specifically, we’ll discuss your vehicle’s GVWR, what you’re going to be carrying in the trailer, the laws governing trailer size, and where you plan to store your trailer.

big trailer in arkansas

What Is Your Vehicle’s GVWR?

Before buying a trailer, you want to make sure it’s compliant with your vehicle’s Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR). This refers to the amount of weight that your vehicle can handle on the road. It’s dangerous to hitch a trailer to your vehicle in order to exceed its maximum weight, so you’ll want to make sure you’re not trying to carry more than you’re able to.

What Do You Plan To Carry In Your Trailer?

It should come as no surprise that you need to make sure your trailer is big enough to hold whatever you intend to carry in it. However, it’s also worth thinking about the edge cases: what’s the absolute most amount of stuff that you plan to carry in your trailer?

Is it worth purchasing enough space to accommodate your maximum needs, or are you better off using a smaller trailer most of the time and renting a bigger one on the rare occasions when it’s necessary? This requires you to think through how you’ll be using your trailer in order to determine the size that’s best suited to your needs.

How Big Is Your Trailer Allowed To Be?

Each state has different laws determining how big a trailer is allowed to be. This is because bigger trailers can be more difficult to operate than smaller trailers. Along with needing to compensate for any blindspots, you also have to consider the way that a trailer changes the way you turn, or the fact that a disconnected trailer is more dangerous the bigger it is.

Arkansas law states that a trailer isn’t allowed to be longer than 28 feet. As well, the total length can be no more than 53 feet and 6 inches. For the laws outside of Arkansas, please consult AAA’s Digest of Motor Laws.

Where Are You Going To Store Your Trailer?

Where you store your trailer is going to have a major impact on how big it can be, which just makes sense: you can’t store your trailer in a garage if it’s bigger than the garage. If you choose to store your trailer in your driveway it may be easier, especially since some of the trailer may be stored on the grass.

You’ll want to think hard about this metric if you choose to get a storage unit, since these units charge based on the amount of space you take up.

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