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Five Trailer Sizing Tips for Excavators

Earth excavating heavy equipment is required at a construction site for various jobs like digging, mining, and drilling. However, these heavy equipment need another vehicle to transport them to the construction site. Many trailers and trucks with different functions and capabilities are available in the market. Choosing the right trailer for excavators that meets the excavator requirements and the federal and state regulations is critical to safely transport your excavator to the job site.

Here are some trailer sizing tips for excavators-

Tip #1- Equipment Specifications: The first step to choosing a suitable trailer is knowing what it will haul. The dimensions and weight can be found in the manual. However, they can vary after adding different accessories, and you should take them into account while making your calculations.

Tip #2- Trailer Capacity: The trailer capacity is critical to know how much the trailer can hold. While the numbers written theoretically can be more, the trailer may not be able to practically transport the excavator of that weight. This contradiction occurs because the dimensions of the excavator can also vary. You should also ask your trailer manufacturer how the weight is distributed in the trailer for best efficiency.

Tip #3- Regulations: A trailer should not just fulfill the user’s and excavator’s needs but also obey every state and federal law. The United States Department of Transportation (USDOT) has many laws and regulations about heavy equipment hauling. These rules change with every state, and it is essential for you to know them and make sure that your transportation complies with them. Choosing the right manufacturer will ensure that your trailer is built accordingly.

Tip #4- Trailer Specifications: Trailer construction is another critical factor to weigh in on. The material, features, axles, and strength are all necessary specifications that the trailer should meet for the user and the excavator. It is best to work with a custom manufacturer for a trailer because they can design one for you with everything you need and more. The construction material is also critical. See that the material is heavy duty with good durability and life span. 

Tip #5- Loading Configurations: There are three ways that an excavator can be loaded up- tag-along, driving up the trailer axles, and removable goosenecks. Tag-along loading configuration helps quickly load and unload, but they are only suitable for small excavators and tight spaces. At the same time, driving the excavator up and over the back axles of the trailer is another option. However, you need a very experienced driver to do this without damaging anything and prevent the excavator from tipping over. Safety is a considerable risk in both the other two options. In contrast, gooseneck loading configurations save time and the need to drive the excavator up the axles but require plenty of space for loading and unloading.

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