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Everything You Need To Know About Flatbed Trailers

What is a flatbed trailer?

A flatbed trailer is an open-deck trailer that has neither a roof nor sides. It’s mainly used for transporting oversized and indelicate goods such as building supplies, heavy machinery, and other bulky goods. Since transported goods shouldn’t be vulnerable to rainfall, hail, and other harsh weather conditions, flatbed trailers are large and accommodating, starting from 20 feet and ranging up to 53 feet. 

Flatbed Trailers

Types of flatbed trailers

Common trailer

Standard trailers require an overhead crane to load and unload cargo. Flatbeds trailers are convenient and affordable to carry heavy cargo, but they need external accessories such as a crane. If you don’t have them, it can delay your operations. 

Tilt flatbed trailer

Tilt flatbed trailers make it easier to unload cargo. This trailer has upper and lower frames attached to the conventional horizontal platform that carries the load. During the offloading process, the attached hydraulic cylinder is tied to the platform lowered to the ground. On touching the ground, the truck starts moving forward, and the container slides smoothly on to the surface.

Extendable flatbed trailer

These trailers can be extended to adapt to different sizes depending on your cargo's dimensions. They have a chassis that can be raised from the back to create more room for larger cargo. Extended flatbed trailers provide a unique solution for transporting oversized machines and other cargo.  

Before you buy a flatbed trailer

Assess your needs before buying a flatbed trailer as different flatbed trailers are made for unique applications. Here are a few things to consider when making a purchase:


Flatbed trailers come in several sizes. If you are carrying a considerable load, choosing an extendable flatbed trailer will make things easier for you. 

Load capacity

Load capacity also determines the type of flatbed trailer you purchase. It is, therefore, advisable to measure the total weight of your cargo before selecting a trailer. Once you know how much your shipment weighs between 10 tons to 90 tons you can choose a flatbed trailer that meets your specific requirement. Though flatbed trailers can take up a considerable load, not all are equipped to carry heavy cargo. Hence, it would make sense to opt for two or three axles container chassis to carry bulky goods. 

Are you looking for a flatbed trailer?

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