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Everything You Need To Know About Dump Trailers

Dump trailers are designed to carry and get rid of materials like sand, dirt, gravel, mulch, roofing shingles, concrete from the construction site. These trailers are ideal for farmers, landscapers, and building contractors. Apart from hauling debris back and forth, these trailers can also load up equipment and tools. They use a hydraulic system to lift the bed of the trailer for easy unloading.

Here is a quick guide to everything you need to know about dump trailers.

#1 What things should I consider before buying a dump trailer?

Here are some essential features that you should pay special attention to when choosing the right dump trailer.

Weight and Capacity

All dump trailers come with specific load-bearing capabilities. Check the owner's manual to know what weight you can pull with your vehicle. Remember that this capacity includes the weight of the trailer. If you cannot decide whether to buy a light-duty or heavy-duty trailer, consider the kind of material you are planning to move. While a light-duty trailer is suitable for small businesses and groundkeepers, a heavy-duty trailer will cover most of your needs. Remember not to overuse your light-duty trailer as it can cause damage to the hydraulics or axles and leave you with costly repairs.

Material (Aluminum vs. steel)

Aluminum is lighter than steel which provides a greater towing capacity to the trailer. The aluminum trailer will also put less strain on your towing vehicle, meaning it will likely last longer with less maintenance. Also, a hydraulic lift made up of aluminum can handle a higher cargo capacity. Given that aluminum is more malleable than steel, you can quickly fix your trailer in case of any damage or bent. Even in case of substantial damage, you can cut off that part and replace it with a new one. Aluminum trailers also offer an excellent resale value. 

#2 What are the different types of lifting mechanisms

The most valued feature of a dump trailer is its hydraulic lift system. It allows the user to dump the debris with little contact, making it safe. 

Here are three main types of lifting mechanisms:

Telescopic-style lift: Telescoping cylinder gives a dump trailer much more initial lift ability than a scissor lift. Since it is mounted entirely outside the trailer's bed, it offers the best front of body dumping leverage.

Dual-piston lift: Dual-cylinder setup uses two pistons to lift the dump trailer.

Scissor lift – The scissor system helps provide maximum dump angle. 

#3 Sidewall options

If you consider moving only items like dirt, gravel, or hay, you need to have a trailer with sidewalls. However, if you go for a trailer with removable sides, you can haul items such as lumber, pipes, or anything else that can be fastened to the trailer. Since most trailers come with a standard 24-inch height, you can even build your extensions. The thickness of the metal used in making the dump wall is also crucial as thicker walls can take the brunt. 

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