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Enclosed Trailer FAQs

enclosed trailers are used for a wide range of purposes like work, leisure, mobile businesses, and moving. They come in several varieties, including bike trailers, car haulers, equipment trailers, motorcycle trailers, and utility trailers. They provide security and protection for the cargo. You can fit enclosed trailers with tracks, tie-downs, rings, shelves, or flooring to accommodate tools, security equipment, replacement parts, and other objects. 

Here are some of the frequently asked questions about enclosed trailers:

What factors should I consider before buying an enclosed trailer?

You should consider the following things:

  1. Tow vehicle: Each vehicle has its towing limits, and you can find it in the manufacturer’s booklet.
  2. Type of cargo: You can tow utility tools, contractor tools, motorcycle, ATV, snowmobile, wheelchair, and luggage.
  3. Distance: If you stay within 50 miles of your home or business, the type of trailer you need will differ from someone who travels hundreds of miles on each trip.

Is it secure and flexible?

Enclosed trailers and open trailers both have their advantages. However, one of the significant advantages of enclosed trailers is the security they offer for your cargo. It protects your cargo from weather and also protects it from the eyes of potential thieves. It’s also great as an added storage space for camping trips and can store various items in compartments, drawers, and cabinets. 

Can I promote my brand?

Yes. If you are a hauling company, an enclosed trailer allows you to promote your brand with an extensive traveling billboard sign. Regardless of the market you serve, you can highlight your business logo, contact information, and URL on the sides of an enclosed trailer. It can make hundreds of daily impressions on the people that see the trailer.

Which is better - Steel or Aluminum?

In most cases, a steel frame is cheaper than aluminum. People assume that an aluminum trailer is significantly lighter, but that depends on the trailer and manufacturer. Indeed, aluminum trailers will not rust but so can a steel trailer when adequately coated. However, aluminum trailers are prone to cracks and require regular maintenance to keep their shine. Steel trailers can rust, crack, and are generally heavier than an aluminum trailer.

Does the outer skin thickness matter?

Most companies offer entry-level products to premium trailer lines. The entry-level trailers are for casual users or price-conscious customers. The thicker the skin, the more durable and less likely it will warp from temperature change.

V-nose or flat nose?

You may be surprised that there is no considerable increase in fuel mileage between the two. The v-nose helps with handling and has marginally better mileage. Choose a trailer that makes you happy. 

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