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Dump Trailers vs. Equipment Trailers

When buying a trailer, you need to know the purpose and check out the towing limits of the vehicle you plan on hauling it with. Whether you’re buying a used trailer or ordering a custom build, there are many options you can choose from. 

Dump trailers and equipment trailers are two popular choices. Here, we give you a low-down on their differences to help you make an informed purchase. 

Dump trailers

They come in three main types: end dump trailer, bottom (or belly) dump trailer, and side dump trailer. Weight and axle spacing regulations determine the type you need. Knowing what each dump trailer is best suited to haul can help you make a smart investment when deciding.

Types of dump trailers

An end dump trailer unloads by lifting its dump box into the air and dumping it from the rear. It is best suited for road/building construction, aggregate stockpiling, and agricultural landscape. 

Meanwhile, aside dump trailer has hydraulic rams that unload its cargo by tilting the trailer’s right or left side, providing greater stability. It is suitable for building roads; stockpile dumps, excavation/pit mining, hauling semi-liquids, and fine materials. 

A bottom dump trailer, also called a belly dump trailer, has a dump gate on the trailer bed that allows you to dump materials straight from the bottom of the box.

Equipment trailers 

It is a general category of trailers intended to haul equipment or do other heavy-duty tasks. Popular types include flatbed trailers, gooseneck trailers, utility trailers, and tilt trailers. All these trailers carry cargo but have distinct features depending on the need. 

Types of equipment trailers

Flatbed vs. enclosed trailers: Cargo in a flatbed trailer has continuous exposure to weather elements, but it’s lightweight and creates less aerodynamic drag than enclosed trailers. Meanwhile, enclosed trailers are ideal for hauling anything from small landscaping equipment to dozers and other heavy machinery, providing a sheltered environment for all items. 

Deckover vs. Fender style trailer decks: Equipment trailers come in two-deck styles—a deckover trailer deck or a fender style. The deckover trailer has a broader deck than the trailer bed above its wheels. Meanwhile, fender style trailers have a narrow deck as the trailer bed is in between the wheels. 

Single vs. Tandem axle: Knowledge of your hauling equipment’s weight is the key to choosing the right axle trailer. Single-axle trailers have just one load-bearing axle and usually come without brakes. They are suitable to haul anything weighing less than 3000 lbs. A dual-axle trailer is ideal for transporting equipment over 3000 lbs as it has two load-bearing axles and usually features either leaf or slipper spring suspensions for additional support.

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