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Dump Trailers: A Complete Buyer/Buying Guide

Dump trailers are effective tools for carrying and getting rid of materials. The question is, what exactly goes into the quality of one? 

This guide aims to explore why people use dump trailers, what makes some superior, and which one you should purchase. 

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What Am I Using a Dump Trailer For?

A dump trailer is an amazing tool for carrying and disposing of excess material and debris. It’s common to see dump trailers in use by construction companies, landscapers, weather and debris removal, and more. 

 The dump trailer that you purchase will depend on the task, and how heavy or dense the material is that it will carry. You’ll want to consider how different trailer manufacturers construct their products and if it can hold up to heavy duty workloads.

Dump Trailer Axles and Flooring

If you’re carrying boulders and gravel, you need something stronger than if you were carrying branches and leaves. Trailers possess a varying gauge of metal depending on the product. This determines the thickness, and therefore durability of the flooring. 

Utilizing a dump trailer with a low metal gauge will quickly lead to dents and damages when hauling heavy materials. Also, if the trailer has more than one axel, it’s an indicator that it’s probably been constructed for heavier payloads. 

Finally, the more cross members the flooring has to support it, the more sound it will be.

Hydraulics and Battery System

The power of your hydraulic system should also correspond to the level of work. Stronger dump trailers will usually have great hydraulics, usually a scissor lift, mounted at an angle. Hydraulics struggle the most with the initial lift. By installing the lift this way, the trailer gets better support, helping with the longevity of your lift system. 

To operate the hydraulics, the trailer needs a battery. Modern batteries can either charge via traditional plug-in, or by solar power if you have one that’s capable. Both are fine options and can handle several dumps before requiring a recharge.

Gooseneck Dump Trailer vs. Bumper Pull

Bumper pull dump trailers are generally less expensive than the gooseneck counterpart. They tend to be easier for trailer novices to use as it has less of an impact on turns while driving. Its smaller, compact size makes it suitable for an equally sized weight load. 

 Gooseneck dump trailers are larger, more stable, and can accommodate more material. The trailer’s center of gravity is over the rear axle of the tow truck instead of frame’s rear. It takes a skilled driver, but the gooseneck also allows for tighter turns and advanced maneuvering. However, a heavier dump trailer will require a higher-powered vehicle to successfully tow the total weight.

Verify the Tire Integrity

Some trailer manufacturers put more focus on the body quality than the tires. The common theme that you are looking for in a dump trailer is durability. They generally come with either radial or bias-ply tires. 

Radial tires overall are stronger and more wear-resistant than the competitor. They have a wider footprint and significantly longer tread life. If you use a dump trailer for daily, commercial purposes, you’ll want to invest in the better tire. If the trailer is for occasional, light use, you could get away with the bias-ply.

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