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Common Questions on How to Successfully Haul Heavy Equipment

Hauling heavy equipment might seem similar to moving any other equipment, but it is more complex than it looks. It is not challenging only because of the bulky vehicle in the picture, but there are many laws and restrictions about transporting them. To complicate it further, these regulations can change with the states. So if you are planning to haul your heavy equipment from one state to another, you need to make sure everything is considered to keep the journey sweat-free.

Here are some common questions on how to successfully haul heavy equipment-

Question #1- What are the Heavy Haul Regulations?

For transporting heavy equipment, the United States Department of Transportation (USDOT) has many rules, limitations, and permits that you will need to consider. A division of USDOT, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA), regulates all the permit requirements of hauling heavy gear. They set rules regarding the length, width, and weight of commercial motor vehicles (CMVs) for the interstate freeways, US highways, and state highways, collectively called National Network (NN).

For instance, a truck with a 55-ton capacity cannot always load a piece of 55-ton equipment since the width and length are also determining factors. The truck drivers and the transportation company checks all the requirements.

Question #2- How Much Does Heavy Equipment Hauling Cost?

Hauling heavy equipment can be a pretty expensive affair. The costs depend on many factors like the specialized carriers, licenses, permits, size and weight of the equipment, and shape of the items. Moreover, if the distance is short, the costs will be higher than long-distance transportation. 

The type of route can also affect the costs. It will be easier for the trailer to steer if the roads are broad. But with narrow routes, the complexity will increase, costing you more.

Question #3- Which Heavy Haul Trailer Should I Use?

The right heavy haul trailer is a must for successful and safe transport. Large, heavy, and oddly shaped items can be challenging to strap down on a regular trailer and require specialized trucks. You may consider some carrying vehicles: flatbeds, drop decks, double drop trailers, and removable goosenecks. 

Question #4- Do I Need a Pilot Vehicle?

A pilot or escort vehicle is a smaller vehicle that warns others on roads used by the general public about incoming heavy equipment and navigates narrow routes for safer movements. Heavy haul trailers can cause life-threatening accidents and damages to the road. The escort vehicle can have a driver and staff from the moving company or be manned by police and people from private security firms. 

Depending on the situation, there may be single, double, or flanking pilot vehicles with the loading truck. If the transport vehicle has a long trailer bed, there will be a pilot vehicle at the back to ensure there is no damage or obstacle at the rear end.

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