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What You Can Expect When Buy Arkansas Truck Beds at Silver Moon

If you’re looking for truck beds in Arkansas, you’re looking for Silver Moon Trailers. We’re Arkansas’s truck bed dealer of choice both because of our expertise and the merchandise we offer. Below, we’ll let you know what you can expect when shopping for truck beds with Silver Moon Trailers.

CM Truck Bed Arkansas

Shopping for Truck Beds in Arkansas

In order to get the right truck bed, you need to understand what will fit with your truck. This requires measuring your truck bed. To do so, measure your truck bed from the bulkhead to the tailgate. You want to measure within the bed, so don’t count the outer edges.

Figures in this industry aren’t always exact. If you can’t find a truck bed that’s the right size, you need to find one that’s roughly within range. If you have to choose between a truck bed that’s slightly bigger than your measurements and one that’s slightly smaller, go for the bigger truck bed.

How Long is the Bed of a Short Bed, Standard Bed, and Long Bed Truck?

Truck bed sizes will vary based on the manufacturer responsible. As well, manufacturers don’t always give the exact number of inches. For this reason, we can’t give you a specific, industry-wide standard.

Speaking generally, small truck beds can be anywhere from 60-70 inches, standard truck beds can be 70-80 inches, and long beds are usually 90-100 inches.

While it’s physically possible to replace a short bed with a standard bed or long bed, it’s cost prohibitive. In fact, you’re better off trading in the truck, if you need the extra size.

CM Truck Beds

At Silver Moon Trailers, we offer CM truck beds because they’re the best in the business. They apply an epoxy primer designed to prevent corrosion, as well as a powder coating that keeps the truck bed looking good. They’re the only beds that feature B and W hitches, and their LED lights are a useful safety feature.

The toolboxes are recessed, which prevents the corrosion that can be caused by moisture or the sun. As well, they have an entire line of lightweight aluminum truck beds.

Replacement Truck Beds

If you need to replace your truckbed in Arkansas, you want to go somewhere with a variety of truck beds to choose from. As well, you want to deal with people who can help you install your truck beds. At Silver Moon Trailers, we offer that to you.

We’ll take a look at the truck you have or the truck that you’re looking at. If you let us know what the truck is being used for, we can let you know what kind of truck bed is best.

Looking for Truck Beds in Arkansas?

Silver Moon Trailers has what you need. For years, we’ve been helping Arkansas residents get the perfect truck bed for their situation. If you’re thinking about getting a truck bed, call us now at (870) 330-9133 or email us at

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