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Aluminum Trailers VS Steel Trailers

Are you trying to determine what’s better between steel trailers and aluminum trailers in Arkansas? There’s no black or white answer. A lot of factors go into what trailers require for a given job.  

Below, we break down differences and similarities. At the end, you’ll be able to make a smarter purchasing decision that’s right for you.

steel trailer and aluminum trailer comparison

Aluminum Trailers and Steel Trailers: What’s Stronger?

Between aluminum and steel, surely there’s no contest in strength. Steel is an alloy that contains various other materials to enhance hardness, durability, and corrosion resistance.  

However, aluminum is stronger than it’s generally given credit for. An aluminum alloy is what makes up the trailers in question. Similar to steel, this alloy uses other materials to enhance the strength and durability. 

While steel is ultimately stronger than aluminum and more resistant to bending. Aluminum is alternatively more flexible and resistant to shocks. This makes it easier to bend back to its original shape, whereas once steel bends, it’s done for. 

What Holds Up Better Against Rust?

Corrosion resistance is a huge factor when it comes to choosing trailer material. Aluminum can resist rust as it contains no iron or steel.

Steel rusts very easily when exposed to water. It will require regular maintenance and rust preventative solutions. You’ll also benefit from storing the steel trailer indoors and protected from the environment. 

An aluminum trailer requires almost no maintenance in comparison and will last for years as-is. All it takes is a bit of greasing and you’re good to go.

What Weighs Less and Does It Matter?

Aluminum trailers weigh considerably less than their steel counterparts. This not only matters in ease of moving it around, but in how much your vehicle can tow. 

If your truck has a towing capacity of 1500 lbs, and 600+ of that is the steel trailer, you’ve got less room to work with. Aluminum trailers can be half that amount while also being durable and strong. A lighter payload will also benefit you with improved gas mileage and a smoother ride. 

The Cost and Resale Value

Steel trailers are cheaper than aluminum trailers. However, that’s only face value and not thinking long term. The amount of maintenance required by steel is reflected in the price difference. Additionally, steel tends to resell at lower rates than aluminum trailers due to those same factors. 

Even if you keep your steel trailer looking new, the cost of maintenance adds up and makes it not worthwhile when it comes to resale. 

Aluminum or Steel Trailers with Silver Moon Trailers

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