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A Handy Guide to Car Trailers

If you’re a car aficionado, then vehicle maintenance and protection is your top priority. You’ve likely already learned all there is to know about your car, but do you know what you need in the ideal car trailer? The car trailer plays a valuable role in not only getting your prized possession from point A to B but in ensuring that it maintains its beautiful, stylish look throughout the journey and beyond.

Consider this selection of crucial information when it comes to selecting the appropriate car trailer in Arkansas.

Car trailer

Vehicle Size

Average vehicles measure end to end at roughly 13 feet. The length of the car varies depending on whether you’re driving a compact, mid-sized, or full-sized vehicle. Compact cars typically range between 13 and 15 feet, mid-sized being 15-16, and finally, full-sized measuring up to 17 feet. Keep these measurements in mind as you will need them during the selection process.

Vehicle Weight

Another critical detail to consider is the weight of the payload your new trailer will be carrying. Modern vehicles, on average, tend to weigh more than older, classic models. As the automobile makes tremendous strides in car safety, the added components quickly add on the pounds.

Smaller, compact cars weigh in at just under 3000 pounds, mid-sized cars at around 3500, and larger vehicles reach 4000 pounds or more. This number is considered the curb weight, which means the weight of the car as it rests with all of the necessary required fluids and components for operation.

Weight of the Trailer and GVWR

Once you’ve been informed of the size and weight of your vehicle, you’re ready to start browsing your trailer options. When browsing options with trailer providers such as us at Silver Moon, you’ll notice that they are generally categorized by something called GVWR, which stands for ‘gross vehicle weight rating.’ This rating is used to help indicate the extent of the payload that each trailer is capable of hauling. The weight and length information obtained in previous steps now allows you to select a trailer with the appropriate size and GVWR rating.

Additionally, you’ll want to consider the weight of the trailer itself. Heavier trailers are going to require a truck with higher towing capacity. Make sure that you purchase a trailer that you can reliably tow to your destination.

Open vs. Enclosed Options

Car trailers come in two different styles. The first is the open trailer that allows for safe towing of the vehicle but leaves the car exposed to the open-air during transit. The potential downside of open trailers is that your vehicle doesn't see protection from weather and outside elements such as debris kicked up from the roadway. However, they typically half the cost of enclosed trailers, if not less.

The second option is the enclosed trailer, which offers four walls and a roof to protect the vehicle from any outside interaction completely. Enclosed trailers are generally safer, more reliable options for long-distance transits. For major car enthusiasts, enclosed trailers can even be designed inside as commonly seen during car shows and for display purposes.

Steel vs. Aluminum vs. Wood

Lastly, car trailers generally exist in a few different materials. Steel is a usually cheaper option and is more than capable of hauling vehicles as well as maintaining a sleek look. Steel, however, is susceptible to rusting and corrosion when exposed to moisture. The steel option will likely require more frequent maintenance to keep looking good and operating safely.

Aluminum will likely cost more, but that’s because of its high level of durability and resistance to moisture and elemental damage. It’s straightforward to maintain and very reliable for trailer use.

Finally, many trailer owners like to have their deck composed of wood. It always looks beautiful, can be reinforced with aluminum frames, and is much quieter on the roadways. Wood, however, is susceptible to rot and will need to be stored inside when not in use.

Prepare for the Haul with Silver Moon Trailers

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