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A Guide to Buying Car Haulers

Whether you are a car dealer, haul cars for display and racing events, or a collector of vintage vehicles, a car trailer is a good, although substantial, investment. Therefore, you must choose a car hauler that matches your accessibility, budget, and capacity requirements. Although an open car hauler is an affordable option, an enclosed trailer offers better protection for vintage and expensive cars. 

Here is a low down on the things you need to know when buying a car hauler:

Types of car haulers

  1. Gooseneck trailer: These are open truck beds that are loaded from the back ramp. The bed is attached to the truck via a gooseneck hitch that can hold one to four vehicles. 
  2. Flatbed trailer: These are also open truck beds but don’t have side ramps like gooseneck trailers. They can carry one to four cars. 
  3. Wedge trailer: They typically hold 3-4 cars at a time, carried on the top of the wedge.
  4. Drop deck trailer: These are specially designed for hauling trucks. The floor drops for easy loading and unloading.
  5. Enclosed trailer: Perfect for shipping exotic, convertible, and classic cars, their enclosed structure protects the vehicles from the weather. It can haul anywhere between one and eight vehicles at a time.
  6. Open car trailers: These trailers can haul many cars at a time. As they offer savings in transportation costs, they are most suitable for car dealerships or manufacturers. 

4 Things to consider before buying a car hauler

Whether you are looking for a stacker trailer, small car hauler, or gooseneck trailer, here are four things you should consider:

Where will you use the trailer?

The initial cost of a car hauler and future maintenance costs will depend on the size, operating costs, and the average length of the trip. 

While transporting a vintage car, a small, enclosed trailer will protect it from weather damage during transit.

If you wish to haul multiple cars, you can buy a flatbed trailer. However, its excessive length makes it challenging to drive. A stacker trailer is a better alternative for hailing multiple cars without worrying about the trailer length. 

What type of hitch?

You can choose between a bumper-mounted hitch or a gooseneck hitch. The former is the cheaper option, but a gooseneck hitch is mandatory for car haulers with a floor space of 36′ or larger. 

What's the weight class?

You also need to consider the weight of the load you’ll be carrying. All car trailers have varying weight classes irrespective of the number of vehicles they can haul. 

Do you have a proper license?

Before purchasing, make sure your driving license permits you to tow. Depending on your license class, you may need to take another test to haul your trailer. If you are purchasing a longer trailer bed, make sure you comply with state and federal laws.

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