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7 Trailer Maintenance Tips

Worn or broken trailer parts can impair your ability to control the vehicle and cause injures while driving. Trailers can suffer a lot of damage while hauling cargo. To ensure your safety and the trailer’s longevity, you must invest in regular trailer maintenance. It will not only prevent frequent expensive repairs but also increase fleet uptime, reduce violations, and improve mileage.

If you want to keep your drivers safe, and ensure timely delivery of the shipment, follow these seven trailer maintenance tips:

Lubricate the moving parts

All moving parts of a trailer create friction, increasing wear and tear, which can lead to parts failure. You must periodically lubricate all moving components to reduce friction. There are two crucial steps: 

  • Apply adequate lubricant
  • Use the appropriate lube

You will need a grease gun and an automotive-rated axle and bearing lubricant for sealed components like wheel bearings. Doors and gate hinges require light-duty, oil-based spray lubricant of graphite or white lithium. 

Examine roof seals

Water can soak through the open seams in your roof’s vents, edges, skylights, or air conditioning unit, causing extensive damage. You must check the trailer’s roof every three months and use sealants to patch up any broken or creaked seams. 

Inspect the suspension

Without ineffective suspension, your trailer will be unbalanced and susceptible to being thrown out of control. You should visually inspect your suspension for signs of irregular wear and tear or heat cracks on the springs. You should also make sure that nothing interferes with the movement of the suspension. Finally, make sure your air springs have sufficient and balanced pressure.

Measure tire pressure

A fluctuation in atmospheric temperature can alter your vehicle's tire pressure. In winter, the tire pressure drops, while during summer, the tires tend to get over-inflated. 

Over-inflated tires can explode. On the other hand, under-inflated tires can lead to problems with control, generate more resistance, and affect your gas mileage. Check your trailer’s tire pressure if the vehicle has been sitting in a garage for too long. 

Test your brakes

As per law, every tandem axle or triple-axle trailer should have properly functioning brakes. You must check your brakes every few months for your safety and the trailer’s durability. Since most trailers have a combination of an electric and hydraulic brake system, it’s better to ask a professional to check and repair your brakes.

Check air conditioning and heating

Air-conditioning and heating systems help maintain the cargo at a suitable temperature. However, your cooling/heating system can become clogged with dirt and dust, compromising your shipment. You must change the air filters at least once every year and inspect them before every trip.

Inspect the taillights

You must abide by the state laws that require a license plate number and functional brake and taillights. If you notice a fault in your brake or taillights, make sure the wiring is in place. If you notice any damage, visit the nearest repair shop to prevent further damage.

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