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7 Telltale Signs That Your Trailer Needs Repair

Driving long distances with worn-out axles or faulty lighting can be a security nightmare. With continual wear and tear caused by broken roads, heavy loads, and steep hills, it’s difficult to tell when your trailer needs a repair.

We focus on the quality trailer repair in Arkansas and the industry's best customer service. Therefore, here we list seven signs to help you identify serious issues that warrant your immediate attention and possibly a repair.  

Hard to maneuver

Axles play a critical role in your trailer’s functioning. When you are driving, engine movements translate to axles, making them move accordingly. If the axle isn’t functioning properly, the trailer will be hard to maneuver. If you notice this while turning your trailer, it’s time to call for repairs.

Bumpy rides

Rough roads and debris are usually the reason behind bumpy rides. However, a faulty suspension system can also be responsible for it. Pay attention to bumps while driving and notice if there is any uniformity. Constant shaking signals an out of shape suspension. Meanwhile, uneven bumps or shifts can mean a severe breakdown in moving parts.

Difficult to stop

If it’s getting increasingly difficult to stop your trailer or RV, check its brakes and axles. Use jack stands to lift the trailer, pull the brakes, and spin the wheels. Ideally, the wheels should be locked and difficult to turn. However, if they turn even after applying brakes, you need to find out why you’re struggling to stop the trailer.

Faulty lighting

Flickering light bulbs on your trailer’s front or rear is an obvious sign of a blown a fuse or loose connections. Since trailers often travel long distances at night, it can be a major safety concern.

Flickering lights may also indicate problems with wiring or battery, short circuits, or a potential engine failure, and all such issues warrant an immediate repair.

Clicking sounds

As axle joints get loose, the components start to knock each other, causing a clicking noise. When turning, tune off your radio and open the windows to notice these sounds. It may also come with shaking or vibrating effects.

Self-greasing axle shafts

Axle shafts have small chambers to hold grease. If they’re leaking, axles will start to self grease, and it’ll show on trailer tires. If you spot it, call a professional trailer service provider for immediate repairs.

Cracked windshield

Since there are no regulations concerning windshield cracks in most states, trailer owners tend to delay its replacement if the crack is in a corner or not obstructing the driver’s direct view. 

But it would help if you got a cracked windshield replaced without delay because, in some states, it is a punishable offense. Moreover, if left unattended, the cracks can deepen mid-journey, severely obstructing visibility, and creating a safety hazard.  

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