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5 Trailer Accessories You Must Have

Most new utility trailers come with just enough features to remain within your budget and meet local safety regulations. To make your base model user-friendly, you need to buy additional accessories such as loading ramps, step bars, bed liners, and cargo lashing tie-downs. 

The many accessories listed on different websites can overwhelm you, especially when you’ve already spent a fortune on your camper. But you need the right gear to enjoy your experience of hitting the road with your favorite RV or trailer.

Therefore, here, we list five significant accessories that’ll help you get more value and better performance from your utility trailer. 

Toolboxes and storage

Our first favorite accessory is a storage solution for a toolbox where you can store every essential item you might need on the road. It will add extra storage into a truck bed. It should fit right against one side of the bed, leaving enough space for cargo. Find a box that is compatible with your trailer and the tailgate. 

Step bars

Running boards and step bars help you get in and out of your vehicle, especially when it's a trailer. A nerf bar protects your truck from fender benders and collisions, which are everyday parking lot issues. Apart from being functional and stylish, they also add to your camper’s aesthetic value.  

Tonneau covers

It protects the truck bed, gear, and other equipment and improves fuel economy. It also gives your truck bed a sleek look. Installed mostly for adding security features, it enhances fuel saving by 1 mile per gallon. Investing in a durable cover will pay for itself during its course. You can choose from various covers made of different materials, ranging from fiberglass to aluminum. 

Air intake filter

It is the oxygen flowing through a combustion engine along with other gases that move your trailer. A proper air intake filter improves your vehicle’s performance as it boosts horsepower. Choosing the right filter depends on the climate you live in. Opt for a dry filter if you live in a dry environment, as the dust can clog up your oiled air filter. 

Bed liner

Your truck bed gets damaged every time you carry equipment. A custom bed liner will protect it from scratches, dents, and moisture because of rains or hail storms. It will also protect your knees if you crawl around while moving or grabbing something from the toolbox. 

Trailer accessories boost functionality and convenience in base models with no frills.

Most of them aren’t expensive and require minimal installation.  

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