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5 Things To Consider Before Buying Enclosed Trailers

From hauling building supplies to transporting ATVs, enclosed trailers are the best choice. When it comes to security, these trailers offer more than enough. They provide a thick aluminum skin, walls, framing, roof, and a floor to protect your cargo from weather-related hazards and other road elements. Imаgіnе transporting рrесіоuѕ cargo only to see it getting ruined in a hailstorm. They also provide additional safety against theft.

If you are looking to buy an enclosed trailer, consider these five things:

#1 The thickness of the outer skin

Enclosed trailers are available in a variety of options ranging from simple cargo trailers for occasional hauling and custom-made trailers equipped with loads of features. While trailers with thin skin cost less, those with thick skin are less prone to temperature changes. Some trailers come with .024 aluminum skin, but a trailer with .030 aluminum skin is rigid and thick. A robust outer layer ensures that the trailer lasts a long time and survives the outside elements. 

#2 Flat or rounded roof?

The rounded roof is useful if you live in an area that receives a lot of snow. Since the round top is slippery, there is much less chance of snow piling upon the roof. It also ensures that the snow does not add any additional weight to the roof. While a flat roof gives your trailer a boxy look, a rounded roof adds some extra height in the middle of your trailer. A rounded roof can add 3-6” of headroom.

#3 Axles

Depending on your requirement, like the height of the items you will put inside the trailer and the roads you will drive on, you can choose from a single axle or tandem axle trailer. While a single axle trailer has one set of wheels, a tandem axle has two sets of wheels. 

  • Single axle trailer

A single axle model is smaller and easier to maneuver. Due to being lightweight, a single axle trailer is much more fuel-efficient than its tandem counterparts. Fewer tires mean it requires fewer maintenance costs. If you put a heavy load on a single axle trailer, the tires could wear more quickly. 

  • Tandem axle trailers 

The extra tires allow the trailer to carry more weight and offer stability at high speeds. If you have a growing business, then tandem axle trailers are a good option since they let you carry heavier loads. A flat tire is unlikely to cause any trouble since you can easily change it without using a jack. When properly loaded, a tandem axle trailer will bounce less and is less prone to swaying. The extra upfront costs for a tandem axle trailer are worth it in the long term. 

#4 Material

The two most common materials are steel or aluminum. Steel trailers can haul greater weight than aluminum trailers. However, this strength makes it heavier than its aluminum counterpart and reduces fuel efficiency. However, you need to watch out for rust and keep the steel painted.

On the other hand, aluminum trailers are flexible, corrosion-resistant, aerodynamic, and a good long-term investment. Aluminum frames put less wear and tear on tow vehicles and are fuel-efficient. These trailers are easy to maneuver over varied terrains, say, uphill or along winding roads. 

#5 Sizing

They come in a variety of sizes like five, six, seven, and eight and a half feet. In terms of length, they are purchased between eight and 32 feet. You can also buy a standard trailer and customize it to the exact size you want. For instance, a car hauler trailer should be at least 8.5 feet in width and 16 feet long. Likewise, a 12-16 foot long trailer with double doors is good for a contractor trailer.

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