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5 Things to Consider Before Buying a Dump Trailer

Whether you’re a contractor or landscaper, there’s more to dump trailers than you think you know. Their usefulness and versatility can have a significant impact on your business. Whether you want to buy a used trailer or order a custom build, several options are available in the market. 

Here we give you a low-down on five factors you must consider before buying a dump trailer

Weight and capacity

If you are uncertain about the capacity, check the owner’s manual. It will tell you exactly how much weight your vehicle can safely pull. Don’t forget that the total includes the trailer’s weight. Find out the cargo’s type and the maximum load you are likely to haul. You’ll need a trailer that can handle the load capacity of lawn equipment, gravel, or other construction materials. The lighter the trailer, the more cargo weight you can carry.  


The dump trailer uses hydraulic systems to lift the trailer bed from its frame, which allows you to unload heavy materials with ease. They come with a single ram, double ram, or scissor lifting mechanism. A scissor lift is more robust than a single ram, but the latter is popular because of its relatively lower price. Don’t forget to check the hydraulic mounting method, as it can be the difference between easy dumping and manually shoveling your material out. 


Trailers either have radial tires or bias-ply tires. The primary reason some manufacturers use bias-ply is that they are a lot cheaper than radial tires. Look at the load rating on the tires and compare them between trailers. The load range rating scale goes between B and E, with E being the highest and B the lowest. You should avoid cheap tires that will wear out quickly.


Axles are a critical structural component that maintains the wheel position relative to the vehicle body. The axles have to bear the trailer and cargo’s entire weight, as well as the acceleration force between the vehicle and the ground. The axle also plays a central role while braking, steering, and driving the dump trailer. 

Rear gate

The most common rear gate options for a dump truck are a single door, barn door, truck bed, spreader, mesh, built-in ramps, and hydraulic with built-in ramps. Barn done is a standard option for most models, as it’s easy to open and latch. Some manufacturers also offer barn style and a spreader gate together as it provides multiple opportunities to spread the gravel. Truck bed gates can haul more extended materials, whereas built-in gates make loading equipment fast and efficient.

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