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5 Questions You Need to Ask Your Trailer Provider

Buying a trailer is a significant investment. Therefore, a little homework ahead of your purchase will help you choose the right one. 

Trailers transport heavy loads such as livestock, cargo, and cars. However, they vary according to the load requirements, which is why finding out about your specific need is crucial. 

Besides determining your load requirement, you also need to do extensive research on your trailer’s manufacturer and carefully study the terms of service. Therefore, here, we give you a low-down on the five questions you need to ask your trailer provider before making a purchase.

Trailer frame material 

Cargo trailers are usually made of steel or aluminum. Both are strong materials, but there are a few more factors to consider. If weight is your primary concern, aluminum can be 5% to 25% lighter than steel, but it comes at a premium price. So, if budget is your concern, steel trailers are a better choice. 

Aluminum trailers in Arkansas also have a better resale value than steel trailers, because it doesn’t rust. With proper maintenance and care, a sealed and painted aluminum trailer will justify its cost in the long run. Discuss both options with your provider before you settle on one.

Trailer frame thickness 

The thickness of the metal sheets used to make a trailer depends on the environment that you operate in and how frequently you will use the vehicle. For occasional residential use and transporting business supplies, thin skin material is sufficient. However, if you want to haul heavy loads frequently, buy a trailer with a thick shell. The thick metal sheets will protect the trailer from hot temperatures and sharp objects slamming its wall. 

Door style

A trailer’s door style mainly depends on the type of cargo you will transport. For handling heavy freight requiring extra machinery, a ramp door would be the best option, which is ideal for large equipment. However, in the case of small, lightweight items, a standard barn door will be enough. 

Budget and quality

Invest in a trailer that has a superior build quality, as it will last longer and save you from frequent maintenance charges. It is a considerable investment, so check the preventive maintenance frequency required to keep your trailer in excellent condition. You don’t want a trailer that keeps falling apart on the road and needs expensive repairs.  


Request your seller to provide all trailer documents to verify its credibility and clarify all your doubts. Any missing information can cause trouble when you register your vehicle with DMV. The vehicle identification number should match the one in the papers. 

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