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5 Different Types Of Flatbed Trailers

Flatbed trailers have no sides or roofs surrounding their bed, making loading and unloading easier. They are commonly used to carry bulky cargo such as machinery and construction materials between shipping facilities and terminals. It is transport equipment made of steel construction and includes brakes, a lighting system, and tires. Flatbed trailers help to keep the shipping costs low. 

Here in this guide, we’ll take a look at different flatbed trailers.

Flatbed trailers come in several sizes, dimensions, and load capacities, allowing you to transport materials of all sizes and weights. They give you a second level of storage, which means you can park your trailer in your warehouse, barn, driveway, or farm, loaded with the material. 

They also give you versatile loading options. For instance, you can use the extended flatbed trailer if you want to transport long iron roads. These trailers are meant to transport any imaginable cargo: be it tractors, farm and military equipment, construction materials, and shipping containers.

#1 Lowboy trailers

The classic lowboy trailer can be easily identified with a double-level drop system. The two drops in deck height are located right after the gooseneck and before the wheels. This additional capacity makes it a good option for hauling heavy machinery and anything that fits neither a flatbed trailer nor a single-drop deck trailer. 

These trailers are useful in hauling bulldozers, excavators, backhoe loaders, and other heavy equipment. Depending on the style of the trailer, you can load the machinery from either the front or the back. 

Most lowboy trailers are operated using hydraulic systems. These trailers can carry equipment of up to 12 feet in height and between 40,000 and 80,000 pounds.

The most common types of lowboy trailers are:

Fixed gooseneck: It provides a longer deck length and has the lightest weight.

Fixed-neck: The neck is fixed to trailers but sacrifices the ability to separate.

Removable gooseneck: It is convenient and fastest to separate at the expense of weight and deck length.

#2 Extendable flatbed stretch trailers

These trailers provide more room for carrying freights that a standard type of trailer cannot carry. It helps provide the maximum support and eliminates the possibility of overhanging freight. 

These trailers are suitable for carrying structural beams and other large construction components. They are helpful for loads that exceed the standard 48-foot flatbed trailer. They come with a sliding mechanism that can be extended to accommodate the length of freight, allowing you to carry a variety of loads.

#3 Single drop trailers

These are known as drop deck trailers designed for a lighter load than lowboy trailers. They provide versatility to haul higher loads without having to apply for additional permits. The lower deck height of 41 inches gives you many carrying options. They also let forklifts quickly load and unload the freight. 

#4 Conestoga trailers

The Conestoga trailers use a moveable tarp system to maximize space for a large variety of loads. These trailers offer easy access and open sides of a flatbed trailer with the security and containment of an enclosed trailer. 

They help lessen the worries related to bad weather that disrupts deliveries. The most common loads for Conestoga trailers are: 

  • Steel
  • Lumber, plywood, and particleboard
  • Specialized loads
  • Odd-sized loads
  • Large items
  • Machinery

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