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4 Factors to Consider When Buying a Car Trailer

A car trailer is a substantial investment. Therefore, you need to choose one that has features according to your requirements. When deciding, you need to consider several crucial factors such as its size, budget, and ease of use. 

Though an open car hauler is affordable, enclosed trailers offer extra protection for vintage or expensive cars. Here, we give you a low-down on the five factors you must consider when buying a car hauler trailer.


It would help if you decided whether you want an open or an enclosed trailer. Enclosed car trailers offer safety and full-coverage from weather elements and other road debris. They can also act as permanent storage for cars between events. They are a fantastic option if your business requires your vehicles to do frequent inter-state travel. They are multi-purpose; you can use them for storage, like a garage, office, and a trailer. They are available in various shapes, sizes, and customization options. 

Meanwhile, open car trailers are significantly less expensive. But they expose cars to weather and other elements. You can get stone guards to block the trailer deck from road debris. If you’re starting a business or have to travel a short distance for car shows, an open/flatbed trailer is a significant starting point. Even for long-distance journeys, they offer better gas mileage and are more aerodynamic than enclosed trailers. You can also use them to carry ATVs, golf carts, landscaping equipment, or even help a friend move. 


The trailer’s size will depend on the number of cars you need to haul at once, their size, and your budget. Our smallest trailer measures 18’ x 6’ 10’’ and can carry a single vehicle with ease. The other popular trailer sizes we sell are 82" bed width with three lengths 16’, 18’, and 20’. All three are ideal for hauling a single vehicle with room to spare.


Your trailer’s weight will determine the tow vehicle’s size and the extent of the payload it can carry. Older, classic cars are bulkier than a light, track-ready racecar. Find out how much your vehicle(s) weigh before you start looking for a car hauler trailer. 

Body material

Aluminum trailers are expensive, but they are rust-resistant and last for long. Meanwhile, steel trailers are incredibly durable and a great option to carry heavy-duty haulers, but they require periodic maintenance and touch-ups to keep them from rusting. Your choice of material for the trailer’s body will also decide the trailer’s weight. Aluminum is significantly lighter than steel, and it is a smart choice if you have to haul heavy equipment. 

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