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3 Different Types Of Dump Trailers

Dump trailers can be a huge asset for small businesses hauling large loads of dirt, debris, tools, rock, or other materials. They utilize hydraulics to lift the trailer bed and easily dump the payloads in any location. These trailers offer the convenience and functionality of a big construction vehicle along with the ease of maneuverability at the job site. The versatility offered by these trailers makes them suitable for a wide variety of roles. 

Here in this post, we’ll talk about three different dump trailers.

But before that let us discuss some of their advantages. The most prominent benefit is the ease of unloading. They significantly reduce the amount of physical labor required to shovel out the contents. 

They also help lower the risks associated with the unloading of heavy items by the workers. They have a lower center of gravity that ensures safe driving and maneuvering compared to a taller trailer. 

These trailers sit lower than the dump trucks, allowing for faster and easier loading. They can be unhitched and left at a job site, which allows the vehicle to be driven home or around town. They are also more economical than dump trucks due to low upfront costs and saved labor costs. 

#1 End dumps

These trailers have an open-top box and are used to transport waste materials. The open-top box is lifted mechanically in the air to unload the content. While the rear portion stays near to the ground, the forward-most section is lifted upwards. 

They are capable of carrying difficult materials, such as large demolition debris. However, if the dumping location is uneven or off level, these trailers can become unstable when raised in the dump position. They need to be operated by a professional driver on the dumping site.

#2 Bottom dumps

They are also referred to as belly dumps. They have a clamshell dump gate on the bottom of the trailer. The clamshell opening allows materials to be laid precisely and spread evenly across the rear of the trailer. 

They are commonly used for: asphalt paving, stockpiling, and material transport. Bottom dumps have a tapered design which reduces excess material buildup, allows the material to flow easier, and promotes reliable discharge. 

You can drive a belly dump right through the dump zone and can dump an entire 21-yd. load in about 25 ft. They are preferred for laying a window of asphalt in front of a paver laydown machine. 

#3 Side dumps

Side dump trailers use a hydraulic ram to lift and dump the cargo by tilting the right or left side of the trailer. There is no need for air ride suspension to be deflated before dumping in these trailers, making unloading a faster process. 

They are commonly used for building roads, stockpile dumps, excavation/pit mining, semi-liquids, and fine materials. Side dumps are safe to operate on soft or uneven ground without requiring backup or find level ground for unloading. 

The angle at which the trailer tips is roughly 50° which reduces the chances of damaging your tires or trailer in the process. 

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